What To Know Before Choosing A Title Agency?

Make sure when calling for estimates that other title company’s give you all the fees. Ask for prices on Premiums, Searches Fees, Settlement Fees, and Recording Fees. You could have an unpleasant surprise at closing if a payment is left out.

Be a Smart Consumer

It is your legal right as the borrower to decide which ever Title Company you hire. Any company forcing, coercing, or telling you to hire a Title Agency that you don’t want is illegal and should be reported to your state’s Department of Banking and Insurance. Such type of company might not be looking out for your best interest.

Title Premiums along with other plans are regulated by the state Department of Banking and Insurance.Shop by service and convenience.

The Real Estate Company and Lender you use may have an (ABA) Affiliated Business Arrangement with a Title Agency they use and own. This means your Real Estate Company, Realtor and Lender could gain financially by you using their Title Agency. Shop around yourself for the best deals and service. Be a Smart Consumer, be in control. Nationwide Title Agency, Inc. is not owned, nor has any (ABA) Affiliated Business Arrangements with any Real Estate Company, Lender or Builder. We do Title Insurance & Settlements, and that’s all we do.

Ask your Title Agency if they will Close you in the comfort of your own home or business. We do; Anywhere, Anytime Statewide.

You should know how fast is the turn around time of your Title Agency. A week or more turn around time can delay your closing. A decent turn-around time is 48-72 hours in most cases.

Do you need an Attorney?

The answer is No, we can handle your Settlement for $300 to $375 depending on location and times of your closing. If you feel you require a legal advice then you should seek the help of an attorney.

Make sure that your Title Agency is a member of ALTA (American Land Title), Their Local Chamber of Commerce, and/or an Affiliated Member of Realtor. We are, plus much more

Remember, several years after you purchased your property your lender or realtor may be long gone. However, your title insurance company will still be there to answer all your questions and concerns.

The expertise in business

Only a State licensed Title agency can answer all your questions and concerns about Title Insurance, Title Issues, and Pricing. Ask your company if they are A Licensed Title Producer.

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