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  1. Steps In Finding The Perfect Pet-Friendly House

    Wed 16 November 2016

    Looking for the perfect housing is difficult. But, it gets more challenging if you're a pet owner. Many apartments and other housing have a strict no pet policy which can be quite overwhelming. Things might get emotional if you're deciding to part with your oet upon your new home.

    Here are some useful steps that you can do to find your  perfect pet-friendly home:

    Put yourself in the shoes of the property owner.

    You need to understand why most housing communities frown at pets. They may have had terribe experiences with, ruined property such as carpets, worried about complaints about barking and so on. You must be able to convince the owner that you are a responsible pet owner who is committed to being a good resident or neighbor.

    Check agencies for info and research.

    You can keep in touch with animal care or the humane society to check which housing in your area allows pets. You can check online as well for pet-friendly apartments.

    Show proof that you're a responsible pet owner.

    Having documents to support your claim can give you an edge in convincing the property owner. You can ac quire a letter of recommendation from your last landlord, a written proof that your dog is well-trained and even a letter from your vet stating that you are committed to responsible pet care.

    Share concerns about cleanliness.

    Let the property owner know that you are also concerned about maintaining cleanliness in the premises. You can also state that your pet is housetrained and you always clean up after your pet outdoors.

    Pay a little extra.

    You can negotiate that you can pay extra security deposit to give some assurance to tha landlord.

    Honesty is the best policy.

    Don't ever sneak your pet in. Be honest with the landlord that you are planning to take your pet along. 



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  2. 10 Popular Home Styles in America

    Fri 11 November 2016

    Are searching for a the perfect house in the market? Well, you better be familiar with the style of homes that you would suit your taste. Here are the 10 most popular home styles across the country:

    Craftsman style

    Craftman style homes were a part of the arts and crafts movement during the early 20th century. Exteriors of this type of homes are usually a mix of stone and wood. This style emphasizes the relationship of nature and craft.

    Country Style

    Country style homes have a sense of European style and can ba recognized by having certain amount of windows on the either sides of the front door and above the door. They usually have shutters, wood detailing and wide porches.

    Traditional Style

    This is quite similar to a country style home.The only difference is, traditional houses put more focus on accurate details of the house.

    European Style

    European style homes emphasize styles from Italy, France and England. This type of home looks old but durable with elements such as stone floors and plaster walls. 

    Ranch Style

    Originally used as the type of housing on ranches, this style has now been used to describe any single story housing. The entire house is on a single floor and is possible to have a wide floor area.

    Farmhouse Style

    Farmhouses are pretty much popular across the country. It's usually rectangular and has simple roof lines. It may consist of tall windows, large porches and wood siding.

    Cottage Style

    Cottages are smaller houses which may appear similar to Craftsman homes but with simpler details and less cost.

    Modern Style

    Modern homes usually have flat roofs, horizontal windows and high-quaity materials such as marble are often used. 

    Southern Style

    The Southern style was developed due to the humid Southern climate. These type of houses generally take advantage of cool air by including large shutters, verandas and so on.

    Mediterranean Style

    This style was influenced by homes in Spain, Italy and France. These homes focus on patios, verandas and courtyards for outdoor areas.

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